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Hometown:   Tuscola, IL….Also known as “A town about 2 hours south of Chicago”

Birthday:   August 4, I like cake and presents, especially cake

Pet Peeves:  People who drive 10 miles under the speed limit! 

Dream Place:  Any place with warm weather! 

Favorite Show(s): Big Bang Theory, Modern Family, and Criminal Minds


Favorite Artist(s):   Alabama and Alan Jackson

Favorite New Artist(s):   Brett Eldridge.  He grew up 30 minutes away from me!

Person I most admire:   Drew.  He wakes up at 3am…by choice. 

Favorite Sport(s):   NFL (BEARRRRS) and Soccer (Argentina). 

Hobbies:  DJ-ing weddings and traveling.  I have driven through almost every state in the continental US.  I’ve seen things, man! 

Favorite Foods:  Pizza or steak.  I could eat both, everyday!

Biggest Fear:   Running out of pizza and steak. 

Favorite Song Right Now:  I like everything.  I’m that weird person that can listen to a country song one minute, a rock song the next, and sometimes even a hip hop song.  I know, please don’t judge me! 

Favorite Country Song Ever:  Dixieland Delight by Alabama.  It’s impossible to not listen to that song all the way through. 

In My CD Player Right Now:  One I stole from The Bull’s music library.  Shhhh, don’t tell my boss!



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